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Ropewalk was commissioned by VIVA! Art Action, a performance biennial festival in Montreal, Quebec, and was presented by Studio 303.

Rajni and Kris have been friends for many years, and have slowly unfolded conversations about gender identity, outsiderness, and community-building while living on different continents. The performance included musical collaboration with Fili.

Rajni’s work as an artist leans gently but clearly across disciplines, countries, and thought structures. Since 1999, they have made performances, writings, and other gatherings, all of which open up spaces for conversation and meeting across difference.

Kris Grey is a genderqueer artist whose work combines strategies of communication, activism, community building, education, lecture, and studio production.

Rajni and Kris identify collectively as: trans, gender-queer, of colour, Indian, outside, held, mentor, gentle, confused, unprepared, ready, strong…