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Untitled #2 (Mechanics of Synthesis)
Untitled #2 (Mechanics of Synthesis)
Porcelain, glaze, harware
8'x3'x10" (variable)

This work investigates repeating patterns and forms in nature, biology, and machinery. The gasket is a object found in engines which acts as a barrier at a point of contact but also as a conduit, forming a safe seal between two pieces. It is a literal embodiment of border. As an individual who exists on the border between two prescribed gender roles I am drawn to this metaphor. The shape of these hand built porcelain gaskets are derivative and have been based on the physical form of hormone molecules. On a molecular level, testosterone and estrogen are almost identical. I’m excited by this ambiguity and am interested in using these repeating forms to formally comment on the grey areas of masculinity and femininity.