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There is an undeniable sensuality to common implements; handles on dish scrubbers are sexy, turkey basters are tantalizing, funnels are phallic. Industrial and ergonomic design, power tools, and sex toys, all have inherent gendered qualities in their physical forms and in the language used to describe them. Advertisements for tools, usually marketed towards men, will use words like “hardened,” “tempered,” “sprung” in an attempt to make tools seem powerful, masculinized, even violent in appearance and application. My work strives to exploit the genderedness of the utilitarian object. I bring my own gender theories into the pieces, encouraging the viewer to reconsider the rigidity of masculine and feminine constructs in our society.

The language associated with a form and its physical shape determines the objects I chose to cast and ultimately re-invent. I use the casting process to make multiple, interchangeable parts that, when assembled, create whole, cohesive sculptures that transcend the mundane objects that spawned them. The cast and altered porcelain pieces are hybrid forms that reference body and organ, tool and toy. They have a polished, sleek look with sensual finishes. It is simple yet complex, innocent yet sexual, peaceful yet violent.

Porcelain, underglaze, glaze